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It doesn't matter what stage of business you are in - building, growing, or scaling - you can achieve Time and Financial Freedom (simultaneously!) in your business by having the end in mind and putting the mental game, marketing, and momentum in place to support your ultimate 20x growth goals.

Invest in the Entrepreneur's Time-Money Freedom Formula today.

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Ever feel like this wasn't the entrepreneurial dream you signed up for?

I talk to business owners every day who feel like their business runs them instead of the other way around.  Sleepless nights over financials, never-ending stress of wearing too many hats, and the hamster-wheel of the endless work week.  Sound familiar?

This course is designed to change all that - one module at a time. After coaching business owners for over 15 years, I decided to make it even easier for you to work with me...and to let you do it in a self-paced and more affordable way!  So...if you have yet to achieve time and financial freedom in your business simultaneously, nothing will change until YOU do.  And this course - the Entrepreneur's Time-Money Freedom Formula (ETMFF) - will help you do just that.

So what exactly could 20x growth do for you?  Could you grow your team, take that vacation, pay for school for your kids?  I've sold over $240M in goods and services and helped countless businesses create 20x growth over my 20+ years of sales and marketing experience.  Yes, I began as an employee in corporate America and then took the leap in 2006 into business for myself - best decision I ever made!!  The second best decision was to build a business that didn't rely on my daily efforts.

Today, I'm the CEO of The Diamond Group (businesses are created under pressure, just like diamonds!) but I still LOVE to coach business owners and this gives me an opportunity to share all the golden nuggets I've picked up along my journey as master coach, executive, and multiple business owner.  I can't wait to link arms with you on this journey!

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Imagine true Time-Money Freedom

You and your significant other are able to take a month-long dream trip without waking up in a cold sweat, worrying about your team, your clients, or anyone's paycheck bouncing...Or better yet, knowing that your paycheck is still coming in consistently while you are traveling.  Sounds like a dream come true?!

Imagine being able to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want?  (And ultimately, isn't that why you really became a business owner in the first place?  To have no income ceiling and have more control over your time?) What if you could really grow your business to the level of your dreams and it would support you, rather than being a needy child that relied on you for EVERYTHING?  What could you really accomplish?  How would that FEEL?

This course will equip you with the MENTAL GAME, the MARKETING perspectives, and the MOMENTUM you really need to make those dreams a reality.  There are no magic bullets - and yes, it takes you doing the hard work - but you will no longer be alone paying the dumb tax, figuring it all out in a silo.

What does this course - ETMFF - look like?

This course is designed to mirror a typical action-packed 12-month journey I take with my 1:1 coaching clients.  I have included over 45 video lessons, as well as in-depth exercises in workbook form to accompany your journey.  In addition, you'll have the option to get access to ETMFF special quarterly PERSONAL GROUP COACHING Zoom calls that allows you to bring all your questions and situations to the table so we can tackle them together.   

You can pace it out and do the 12 modules over whatever length of time you feel most comfortable.

This brand new Entrepreneur's Time-Money Freedom Formula course is designed to be a transformative personal journey to unlocking the MENTAL GAME, the MARKETING, and the MOMENTUM you need to create a completely sustainable, scalable, and successful business or practice.

When you experience the 20x growth factor, your ROI will be self-evident!

 Unlock the perspectives, mindsets - the true MENTAL GAME - it takes to grow a successful organization.

 Learn MARKETING secrets and strategic short cuts from a marketing agency CEO and 20-year industry expert.  This isn't just lip service to "brand," this is tools, tactics, and digital feet-on-the-street stuff.

 Get into massive action and achieve lasting MOMENTUM immediately by beginning the shift to ultimate prosperity - time and financial freedom simultaneously!

 Become part of a community of entrepreneurs and practitioners reaching for 20x growth just like you, with a personal mentor and guide, a master coach - by your side

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Course Content & Schedule

With 12 easy-to-follow modules you will walk away with the strategies, tools and confidence to start changing your life. Each module inside of The Entrepreneur's Time-Money Freedom Formula was designed to take you on a journey from where you are to where you want to go.

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What's Included:

Module One:  Setting Yourself Up for Success

There is no substitute for a great starting point and beginning with this renewed (or maybe new!) end in mind - true Time-Money Freedom in your business -  changes everything.

Module Two:  It's Just Getting Good

What is your brand?  What is your target market?  Clarity is king when it comes to marketing and you absolutely can't have sustainable success without it.

Module Three:  Steady as She Goes

Money matters and the financials in your business are the key metric you must measure - however, you managing your own energy first around money makes all the difference.

Module Four:  Daily Details

Time is money - ever hear that one?  We almost all have and yet we typically squander time as if there is an endless supply of it.  This module will help you create powerful habits that create a foundation for long-lasting success.

Module Five:  Fail Forward Fast

Having the ability to choose your perspective and manage incoming feedback ("failure" or "success") is mission-critical on your journey. 

Module Six:  Funnels, Flywheels, and Fun

Passive, residual and multiple streams of income - all the fun! 

Module Seven:  The Next Level

Systems thinking, cash-flow quadrants, and more....we are going to DESIGN every aspect of our business and lifestyle from the inside out.

Module Eight:  Above & Beyond

What is the 90,000 foot view at this point?  If you can see it, you can be it.  

Module Nine:  No Fear

Sales drives the bus and the only way to succeed is to create win-win agreements EVERYWHERE.  

Module Ten:  Cosmic Karma

Pricing, Packaging and Positioning - all the good stuff to make sure your go-to-market strategy is spot on.

Module Eleven:  Off to Market


Module Twelve:  Up-Grid and Out-Grid

20x Thinking + Customer Delight = SUCCESS

...And These Super Awesome Bonuses!

Bonus 1

Personal 1:1 30-minute Laser Coaching Session (yes, with me!) to get you started quickly and on focused in on where best to focus your energies. 

Bonus 2

My exclusive blueprint for a P60 Executive Dashboard - a complete system for running your business for high level efficiency and visibility.  It's a game changer!


Bonus 3

Free 60-minute Marketing Momentum Pow-Wow to determine exactly what you need to do strategically to get traffic, leads sustainable sales, and deep profitability in your business or practice.

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What Past Students Are Saying:

There are some humans that you instantly know are wise and powerful. Theresa is one of those larger than life people who inspires transformation; her belief in what’s possible is infectious. Working with her and watching her work with mutual clients for the past decade has been a lesson in excellent listening skills, finding core issues behind the less than optimal results, and breakthroughs impacting lives and bottom lines.

M. Castle - Entrepreneur

The beauty of working with Theresa is her willingness and ability to take the structure that she had already created and tailor it to fit MY needs in the order that made the biggest impact in growing my business. She is astute, savvy, supportive, and candid. Everything I wanted in a coach. She intuitively knows how to guide me past my comfort zone to help me grow both personally and professionally.

Working with Theresa has given me the clarity I needed to find my audience and the foundation I need to flourish. With that clarity comes joy and passion about what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for.

M. Hill - Coach, Author, & Speaker

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Theresa Bassett for over a decade. She is a person who strives to inspire those around her to be their very best self. She does this with an open heart, valuable tools and intentional methods. When she entered my life, I was at a low point physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. She poured herself into lifting me up to find MY best self and purpose and the impact of knowing her has changed my life. Theresa is a servant leader with a love for people and those that have the opportunity to know her are richly blessed.

A. Stephens - Network Marketer

About Theresa

Theresa L. Bassett is a multiple 6 and 7-figure business owner and master coach, dedicated to growing businesses and creating time-money freedom for her fellow passionate entrepreneurs.  She'll inspire you to take massive action and get the traction you've been looking for!



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P.S. Section

This online course is not for surface skimmers or those who just want to talk about dreams of success and not actually DO anything about them.

This is a life-changing, business-altering opportunity to work with a master coach for a fraction of the normal cost.  If you are truly ready to think and act differently about your current venture, this is for you.

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